Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am so tired and it's just Tuesday. Yesterday was Parent Conference Day and I would much rather have a class full of kids instead of having to meet with parents most of the day. It seems like we just keep getting more and more piled on us and it is wearing me out. Is it the weekend yet?????????? Not this weekend, but the next.....Chad and I will be in New Orleans at his company party! I will post where we are staying and where the dinner will be sometime soon, just too tired (lazy) to find the web site right now and then all that copy and past and insert link....just don't think I could bring myself to do it....So check back later if you are interested! ALSO, don't tell Kit-Kat that we will be gone for 2 nights......She will be at home by herself :( We have left her before and she will be fine, even though there will be no one here to give her treats, that will be the worst part for her! I did get a new skirt, shirt, shoes, belt, purse, earrings, and bracelet for the party :) and best of all it was all on sale!

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Ronnica said...

Those mighty 2nd graders protecting you! Actually, when I'm around kids is the ONLY time I stay calm in the presence of a spider. They freak out enough for all of us.