Friday, October 3, 2008

Nice site

I came across the following site, Maryln and More, and it has nice messages that really get you thinking... Here is one I particularly liked.

Take charge, or the children will!

You are the teacher, the leader. Someone has to be in charge of your classroom. If you don’t take charge, your students will, and the result can be chaos. More and more, teachers report that parents have lost control. Their children are in charge. Children decide on their bedtimes, mealtimes, television shows, and computer games, all without any limits. Children want and need limits. It gives them a sense of security. Involve your students, but stay in charge. Give them freedom and offer them choices all within limits. And through it all, have fun teaching because your attitude is more contagious than the flu! Have a wonderful day.Maryln

Please visit her site for even more.

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