Thursday, March 29, 2012

Identifying Shapes!

She had trouble with octagon, BUT at 22 months I think that is okay!

and one more video of her pointing out shapes!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Kylie is growing so fast, she turned 22 months last week!  I need to do a post with what she's up to now, maybe later tonight or tomorrow I will be able to get that done.  For now, here are some pictures!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mickey Mouse!

Kylie absolutely LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
sitting with her best friends
getting them positioned just right
"Here Minnie, I'll share my milk with you!"
Taking a quick drink herself
Now to read the story!
 Just 2 months until Kylie turns 2 YEARS OLD!  The party is in the planning process and the theme is going to be....Mickey and Minnie!

Friday, March 23, 2012

California~Day 3 and Returning Home

Putting the final touches on her outfit for the day!
preparing baby for a nap
Apparently Mommy and Daddy were taking too long to get ready, Kylie decided to pretend to sleep while she waited :)
Rice fields
Hard to see, but there are ducks
I decided there were way too many stairs for me, I stayed on the ground!
loving having wide, open space to run and run and run
now that's one big ol' tractor!
sitting and waiting patiently
thank goodness for the window right by our table, it was a great distraction!
stickers are a great distraction also!
heavy drinker ;)
Happy 90th Birthday Aunt Anna!! (It was late and way past bedtime, Kylie was tired)
Apparently she got rested on the way back~i asked her if she was tired and ready to go to bed and this is what she did!
Nope, she sure doesn't look tired to me!
that's a little bit better!  It was late and we had to get up EARLY, alarm was set for 2:45 AM and Kylie woke us up at 2:43.  I have always said that she will wake up right before or right as my alarm is set to go off no matter what time it is.
We were up very early the next morning to make our 6 AM flight, didn't like getting up so early, but it sure was nice to save some money by taking that flight!  When we got to the airport to check in, our reservations couldn't be found, luckily we had someone that was very helpful, she made some phone calls and we ended up with seats on that flight.  When she called she was told that our reservations were cancelled because we hadn't been on the Friday flight to Sacramento, someone made a mistake somewhere because we were on that flight!  We ended up getting seats with extra leg room (without having to pay extra) so it was worth the hassle.  The extra room sure makes a difference with a toddler in your lap.  On the flight home, Kylie slept most of the time (as did we).  She was great once again, well until it was time to get off the plane.....she pitched a fit when it was time to leave, she was busy reading a magazine and didn't want to stop.  She held onto that magazine all the way to baggage claim, can't blame her, I love looking thru Sky Mall also!

We noticed she had a runny nose that day, but no other symptoms.  We came home and all took a nice long nap, we were exhausted.  Then that night she was up every 30 minutes-hour, screaming and screaming and screaming.  Nothing helped.  The next day she started pulling on her ears.....took her to the dr and she had a double ear infection :( first ear infection we had dealt with.   Giving her the medicine was next to impossible.  Most of the time the medicine was spit right back out at me.  Luckily she seemed to start feeling better pretty quick even though I don't think she ever got a full dose of medicine in her.

This is what Princess Kylie looks like when she is sick ;) seriously would have never known she was sick just by looking at her!

Walnut Farm and Mexican Fiesta!

After visiting Empire Mine, we had lunch and then headed to the family walnut farm to visit with the birthday girl and eat some yummy Mexican food!
This was about as far as I was able to go on the tour, Kylie found the pigs and didn't want to leave them.   
checking out the pigs!

Time to eat!

There was a nacho bar...Kylie begged and begged so I gave her some of the nacho cheese and a spoon :) she ended up dipping cheerios in it!
I know it doesn't look like it, but she loved the food!  I think she ate some of just about all of it, this girl loves Mexican food!
so pretty!
having so much fun at the party!
Uncle Al~we celebrated his 90th last year in Arizona