Thursday, July 31, 2008

For Chad :)

Chad posing with the Bud Light girls at the grand opening of Texaco!

Food and Plants

Just got back from lunch at Culver's, it sure was good! I met my parents there for lunch. Yesterday, I ate at Lupe Tortilla's with Sandy and Emma and Kristi and Jack! I sure have been eating some good food lately. Luckily Chad and I are walking daily since I have been eating so much :)

It is really hot outside, I need to water my plants, but will wait until this evening when it is a little bit cooler. Here are some pictures of the hibiscus that I have

This is Mrs. Jimmy Spangler, my favorite hibiscus! I love her name and always refer to her by her full name!

This is the Painted Lady hibiscus
This one doesn't have a cool name, just a double orange one, that is really pretty!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This wouldn't be complete without adding some pictures of Kit-Kat :)

her favorite position for sleeping

Kit-Kat's New Year's Eve outfit!

Her favorite spot to sleep is on top of clothes that are freshly washed and dried and that haven't been hung up yet. I try to be pretty quick about putting clothes away before she can get on them, she has also been known to knock over a stack of neatly folded bath towels.

This is Kit-Kat's chair and blanket, it's by a window that has a great view of the birdfeeder and she spends a lot of her time there.


Ok, I am new to all this, have been reading other people's blogs, just never actually created one for myself. goes......................I have been married for a little over a year. We purchased our first house almost a year ago. I have an adorable cat named Kit-Kat! I am sure that lots of pictures of her will make their way onto this site! I teach 2nd grade math and science, this is going to be my 7th year. I am surprised I have lasted this long.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cabin Run Bridge

This isn't something you see in Texas!

Off to visit more family...

We were constantly on the go while on vacation and visited with a lot of different family members.

High Rock Vista

We went to High Rock Vista, Ralph Stover State Park, near where we were staying. We didn't really know where we were going or what we were doing, I was wearing flip flops and we ended up hiking! Not to mention, Chad's back was hurt, but we survived the hike. The park was beautiful, we took lots of pictures while there

in the van, ready to go

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We're in Philly

Chad and I recently went to Philadelphia, along with his mom, brother, and niece. He has aunts and uncles and other relatives in the area.

Krystal (Chad's niece), Chad, and I- we had just arrived at the airport and were waiting to be picked up.

We then drove to where his mom had grown up and we had lunch in a cemetary where his grandparents are buried.

The first night we stayed at his cousin's house. There were a lot of family members there.

The house was on a lot of land and at the top of a hill, Chad, Krystal, and I decided we wanted to go walking and thought it sounded fun to walk to the bottom of the hill. That part was fun, but then when we had to walk back up the hill...that wasn't as much fun! Here are some pictures from our walk.
We were surprised with a cake in celebration of our First Anniversary!