Friday, April 24, 2009


Finally found a couple of hidden blooms on the cigar plant

Hot Lips Salvia~have to take a picture of this every time, it is so pretty!

Not sure what this is, but it's pretty, have a few that came up

Kit-Kat enjoying the great outdoors!

just bought these caladiums today, will get them planted this weekend

This is a new plant~Mona Lavender Plectranthus

planted these geraniums last weekend and they are a pretty red now, it really stands out in the darker areas.

another salvia I really like

Sangria Ornamental Pepper plant


This bluejay has been hanging out for a couple of weeks now, keep trying to get a picture and of course I can't ever get a good one! In these he had some sort of nut in his beak and kept hitting it on the edge of the flower pot. It was pretty funny looking :)
He's to the left of the tree in this picture.

Banging his beak on the pot.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Pictures

This post has lots and lots of pictures!
Red bird and squirrel on the feeder together
Huge bloom on Sun Showers Hibiscus

Newly planted shade garden~Autumn Fern, Foxtail Fern, and Geranium

Shade Garden

Purple Salvia


Pink Salvia

Beginning of pathway in shade garden

Shade garden

work in progress~slowly making a shade garden under the trees in our backyard, today I spent time clearing out the weeds and planting a few things.

Different ferns and a geranium

Shade Garden

Bat Face Plant~check out the bloom! Looks like a purple face with red ears

Purple Mexican Bush Sage~I have 3 of these planted in front of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow bushes

Blue Daze~this is not where I wanted this plant, just put it there for a short time and now it is doing so well there, i have decided to leave it for now.

Hot Lips Salvia, Plumeria in the pot

Hot Lips

Hot Lips Salvia~this has got to be one of my favorite plants, love the blooms!!!!!!

Rosemary Plant

Society Garlic

view of the patio from the yard

Hibiscus~L to R~Watermelon colored, yellow hibiscus, Prom Girl, Double Orange

Hibiscus~L to R~Painted Lady, Mrs. Jimmy Spangler, Estelle, Sun Showers

Bloom of Butterfly Iris

We have lots of lizards!

Roses and verbena, the rose in the pot is a Rainbow Knockout Rose

This black plastic pot is used to keep the squirrels from climbing the pole and reaching the bird feeder, it works well most of the time. Just this last week, one of the squirrels has started chewing on the plactic, I assume he is trying to chew his way up to the feeder.

Bloom on Mrs. Jimmy Spangler Hibiscus