Friday, January 27, 2012


Various pictures that I like :)
Happy Girl!
her favorite outfit lately....
sitting in the kitchen, reading books
love this look, she was serious about her book!
open up and give me some milk
loves cars
cooking pie and a chipmunk on the stove....
getting herself a drink
room full of toys!

New Desk

For Christmas, Kylie got a desk (it can also be an easel, but I'm not showing her that yet!)
We had to practice sitting on the stool
Had to keep moving the stool to get it in just the right place!
LOVE this one!!!!! She had never sat on a stool before, so she wasn't exactly sure how to do it!
sitting and coloring like a big girl!
She loves her new desk!
All smiles!


my little cowgirl!
mixing bowl doubles as a hat!
wild hair!
check out her hair!
she always has a remote in her hands!
my pretty girl!

New Kitchen

Kylie got a kitchen for Christmas!!  She loves to cook and always has a bowl (of some sort) and a spoon (or a plastic shovel) close by!  She even pours/shakes things into the bowl, stirs it up, and then takes a bite.  I'm hoping her food is calorie free because I am always having to take a bite of whatever it is that she is making!  I've saved some of my empty spice containers and she loves having the real thing to cook with!

It only took me about 4 hours or so to put it together........
lots of storage room, I haven't given her all of the food that came with it yet, I have the extra stored in the freezer, she's too short to reach that high :)
it has a CLOCK!
she woke up from her nap and found her kitchen,!
notice she already has the phone in her hand :)
phone still in her hand
yep, a girl can't cook without her phone!