Friday, January 27, 2012

New Table?

Kylie discovered a new table... 

perfect height and notice she even has her cup close by

this was taken weeks ago~there is no way this would happen now as she will not let us leave anything open~gates, cabinet doors, drawers, dishwasher, etc~ she will yell and point when something is not fully closed, if it's where she can reach it then she will gladly shut it, if not, then we must do it for her.  She wants everything in its place.  Trust me, you don't realize how often you leave things open, even just barely cracked up during the day until you have someone pointing it out to you constantly!

Daddy's smiling for the picture and Kylie's taking the opportunity to sneak a bite of his food!


Skye said...

I Am cracking up b/c if i leave a kitchen drawer open here, Julianna RUNS to shut it. SHe likes things in place too. It MUST be a toddler thing! Kylie is sooo precious! LOve all the pictures of her!!

Alicia said...

I guess it must be a toddler thing! I thought Kylie was the only crazy one that did that :)