Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's a month after Christmas and I still have Christmas pictures left to post, life with a toddler is busy!  I need to do several posts to get caught up, so check back over the next few days and hopefully I will get things updated!

~Christmas Day Part 2~

Kylie is obsessed with clocks.  When she sees or hears one she says "clock" and gets all excited!  We aren't real sure why she loves them so much, but thought a clock would be a great Christmas present.  

Daddy got grilling things for Christmas!

Kylie preaching about something, finger pointing and mouth open!

New pants for PawPaw

all dressed and waiting for family to arrive

PawPaw's girl

Liked having Uncle Mike carry her around also
Center of attention and loving it~she is such a people person, when we go grocery shopping she visits with everyone, takes us forever to get thru shopping sometimes because she has to talk to every friendly face she sees

best picture we could get, she wouldn't smile~she was teething once again, i can't wait for all her teeth to be in, she has had such trouble with all of them.  All that's left are the 2 year molars and we will be done (and yes, I mean "we", I feel like I have suffered right along with her!)

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