Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sun Showers

This is my newest hibiscus, named Sun Showers!

Also, today my new rose, Blushing Knockout, has a bloom open! So exciting :) Will post pictures later of it.

I bought another new hibiscus, called Estelle, she doesn't have a bloom open yet, but this is what she will look like. I can't wait until all of my hibiscus' are blooming, it will be beautiful!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

And even more.......

I have been very busy this Spring are even more pictures!

Hot Lips Salvia

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow~they have a couple of small blooms right now

tiny daylily with a bud

Tiny Mice or Bat Face Plant~click on the name for a picture of the bloom!!

Butterfly Iris

Wandering Jew

frogs playing tug of war

Several hibiscus

More Flowers....

Foxtail Fern

Succulent Garden

Red Salvia~this is what is planted in one of the front beds

Red Salvia

Pink Salvia

Pink Salvia

Bulbine and Pink Salvia


of course I had to take a picture of this cute frog :)

Cactus in full bloom!

Cactus Rock Garden

Donkey Tail

Cactus Rock Garden

Pink Skullcap

Purple Verbena~doesn't look real good right now, I did a lot of thinning out and moved several of these plants to the front yard. I know this plant will pick back up and look good in no time.

May Night Salvia

right outside backdoor~May Night and Red Salvia

Knockout Roses

bud on the blushing knockout rose

Blushing knockout rose

Red on the left, blushing rose on the right

Flowers in the front....

Front Flowerbed

Homestead Purple Verbena

The tree has some small ferns planted around it. I love the Welcome Frog! In the background is an Aloe plant.

Foxtail Fern

This frog has got to be one of my favorite yard decorations! On each side of the frog are hardy hibiscus, which is in the center of the new bed. The ones that are green right now are White Texas Star, the leaves resemble a marijauna plant and I have heard stories of people being busted for growing these! I have 3 different types of Hardy Hibiscus~White Texas Star, Moy Grande, and Lady Baltimore.

Rattlesnake plant~this morning while planting, I came across a real snake laying on top of the mulch in the sun. I think it was probably a copperhead. No worries though....he will NOT be coming back to bother me again, he's in a few pieces in the trash can outside!

Frog stepping stones surrounding Blue Sage

Better view of the tipsy pot that my mom made, the bottom pot has a form of ice plant in it, it will soon cover the pot and will also bloom. The middle pot has purple verbena, which will also cover the pot soon. For the top pot, I dug up part of a fern from the backyard. I wanted something tall and thought it would be perfect to cover the stake! What do you think?

Coastal blue sage is at the base of the tipsy pot

This is a tiny tipsy pot that I made with some small pots that were leftover from wedding favors and were just taking up space! Isn't it cute?! It's filled with some green ground cover.

This is the area where I found the snake..........

This is a tipsy pot that we made to hide the stake that we can't remove. My mom worked and worked on it, but it feels like there is a root holding it in, so we made the best of it and planted on it to hide it the best that we can! In the hanging basket is a String of Bananas.

The plant in the ground is Coastal Blue Sage.

Babylon Red Verbena

Homestead Purple Verbena

view of the brand new flower bed

another view of the red salvia, I also have 2 hardy hibiscus planted in the bed, near the fern, the fern is sitting on another oleander stump.

Blue Plumbago, Mexican Heather and Purple Verbena

Last year, I bought this plant at the end of the season and just put it in the ground and kinda forgot about it. After we cut down the HUGE oleander, I had the idea to put the Firecracker Plant in a pot and place the pot on the stump. This plant is a fast grower and hangs over the pot so it will do a great job of hiding the oleander stump.

Front flower bed with Mexican Heather, Blue Plumbago, and Purple Verbena. I dug up the boxwoods from this bed and planted Red Salvia. Last year, I bought 3 of the red salvia plants and now have hundreds! Even during the winter, I always had some pretty red blooms. I dug up several from the back and planted them in this bed and can't wait for it to be all in full bloom!

Had 2 boxwoods here, dug those up and replaced with purple verbena. It's not real pretty yet, but will soon be beautiful! I also had tons of this in the backyard, it spreads like crazy, so I just dug it up and moved it to where I wanted it.

Check back soon for updates on the plants I have in the backyard!