Friday, August 17, 2012

And Some More

Loves wearing Daddy's shoes
Playing ball, another favorite past time
unhappy about something~I'm sure it was all my fault!
Pretty girl!
She was in a silly mood and wanting to entertain
She wanted to go outside and ride, but I told her it was way too hot, so she convinced me to let her ride around  inside
watching her feet on the pedals~she is getting good at keeping her feet on the pedals, but doesn't understand how to actually pedal yet.
Hmmmm, I think that trike is a little over crowded
Big stuffed animals in the front and small ones in the back and only one seatbelt!
Ready for bed, she has her "plees" (pillowcases) and Aby.
Waiting patiently for Mommy at the bottom of the stairs
We are so ready for cooler temperatures, we go out early and it's still so hot.
Sneak peek of the beginnings of her Halloween costume~yes, it's August, but I had the idea, the materials were half off this week, I wasn't sure how long it would take me to make it, so I decided I would go ahead and start.  I'm sure I will eventually do a post of how I made it, will have to wait until then to see the finished product on her!

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Just trying to get caught up on posting pictures.
Always lining things up
Her room~going to paint the black clock white/off white to match the furniture and trim in her room
Always ready to go somewhere!
cooking goldfish
giving herself five in the mirror
Will I ever get a "normal" smile out of this girl?!

Monday, August 13, 2012


I don't think I have done a post of what Kylie is up to lately, so here goes!

Kylie loves to count and is counting up in the teens now, though she does skip a few #'s here and there, seven is almost always skipped.  I think she has trouble saying it.  She can identify a lot of the alphabet and will even call out letters that she sees on signs in the store!  

She pronounces the f sound as "fl" so it's floor, flive, flone  (four, five, phone).  I love listening to her talk!  Kylie talks all of the time, though a lot of it we still don't understand.  When she is talking to Chad or I, she puts her hand over her mouth as she is calling for us, we are still Mom and Dad, I try to get her to say Mommy and Daddy, but she's not having it right now.  I think she picked up the hand over the mouth from Mickey Mouse, when they call Toodles, they cup their hands around their mouth.  When Kylie is telling us something she likes for us to repeat what she said or somehow acknowledge that we know what she said, otherwise she will keep repeating it over and over and over and over...

Kylie is attached to her 2 pillow cases, I substituted them for my nightgown a while back, and she always has her "plees" with her.  Aby (baby) is her best friend right now, though she has a lot of friends that sleep in bed with her.
giving Aby a bottle

Kylie's outgrowing all her size 5 shoes, so we're having to move on up to size 6.  I'm hoping some of her sandals will last a little longer, I don't want to buy sandals at the end of summer.  She is wearing 24 months/2T and even can wear a few 18 months.  She also has some 3T she is wearing.
Showing off her new shoes

Kylie loved watching The Olympics and has been doing gymnastics routines ever since, complete with throwing her hands in the air at the end and yelling "ta-daaaaaaaaaaa".  She usually throws a few push-ups in also while doing her dance :)  She loves to entertain!
After watching The Opening Ceremony, she made her own drum!
Kylie's favorite tv shows are:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Ka), Doc McStuffins (Doc), Sid the Science Kid (Sid), Super Why (Why), Bubble Guppies (Blow~I think because that's what she says when she wants to blow bubbles outside), Little Einsteins (she surprised me over the weekend by yelling to watch "Einsteins"!) and Sesame Street (though often times she will only want to watch Elmo's segment on there).

Kylie understand almost everything we say, we are always shocked at what she is able to understand and figure out.  We try to talk in code, but she is really good at figuring it out!

When Kylie wants a snack, she will go and get a bowl and bring it to me.  Once she is done with the snack, she will take her bowl and throw it in the sink, then come back and clap :)  As far as eating, she has gone thru a very picky stage, it was even to the point I was really worried that she wasn't eating enough.  Her eating is better, but we just never know what she's going to eat from meal to meal.  Kylie loves ice cream and we can't spell it or even hint around about having any or she will run to the kitchen yelling "ice cream". 
She likes ice cream and she likes chocolate syrup, but she doesn't want them mixed, she prefers to dip ice cream in the chocolate.
Kylie is still doing great in her big girl bed!  One day at nap, I noticed on the monitor she wasn't in her bed, I went to check and she was standing at her gate clapping and cheering for herself.  It was pretty funny, but I had to act like I was really mad and got onto her for getting out of bed when she should have been napping.  I feel a little bit bad, but when she's doing something that could possibly hurt her, we tell her to be careful or it will hurt her toe and that is enough to usually make her stop. I told her if she fell getting out of bed she might hurt her toe so she needs to wait for Mommy or Daddy.  Earlier in the summer, she dropped a can of food on her toe and it bruised her toenail (which is now loose and probably will fall off soon) that was such a traumatic experience for her, she is so scared of hurting her toe again.  

She has gotten out of her bed on her own one other time (that i'm aware of).  The other morning I was watching on the monitor as she was telling her friends good morning and playing quietly in bed.  Somehow Aby ended up falling out of bed, Kylie hollered "uh-oh" and then looked around.  She then went to the end of the bed, where the rail isn't, looked carefully both ways, crawled off the bed, ran and grabbed Aby, hugged and kissed her, then threw her back on the bed.  She then quickly climbed back in bed herself.  It was so funny watching her, she thought she had gotten away with something!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Helping Daddy

Kylie helped Daddy clean out the garage....well, Kylie helped put things where she thought they belonged!
You know it's hot and humid when your camera fogs up.
She insisted on getting in her stroller, she was so excited to see it, guess we haven't used it lately.
That is one dirty little girl, check out the dirt under her neck.
Dirty, sweaty, and loving every second of it!  

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Don't all the great musicians wear sunglasses inside ;)
Love my baby girl so much!
this picture really makes me laugh!