Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Growing up way too fast!

Kylie is now 13 months old!  She is so much fun and has really become a little comedian, she is always saying or doing something to make us laugh.  When she laughs, you just have to laugh right along with her!  Kylie is learning so much, it amazes me how quick she learns. 

Kylie has just learned to finally "roll 'em up" and is so proud of herself when playing pat-a-cake.  Kylie "talks" ALL THE TIME, often it's just babbling, but we carry on complete conversations that way!  She says quite a few words now and understands so much that we say. 

 Kylie loves her babies and stuffed animals and is really becoming attached to them.  Kylie is still a people person, but sometimes she is very shy.  Kylie isn't walking yet, she cruises everywhere and will take a step on her own occasionally, but she really prefers to have at least 1 hand touching something when she's walking. 

Lately, Kylie has become such a climber, I think it's so funny all the things she is doing, yet she's not walking on her own yet.  I'm convinced that she can secretly walk and just isn't letting us see :) 

Kylie still loves Kit-Kat and any other animal resembling a kitty, she will yell loudly when she sees a cat and gets so excited!  Kit-Kat on the other hand has had to resort to sleeping in new places since Kylie can now reach her on the couch.  Kylie loves to read books, especially ones that have pictures of animals in them!

Kylie is still a great eater, she will eat pretty much anything that we give her, though she does have favorites. 
She looks all grown-up here!
figured out how to sit in her chair and cross her legs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kylie and Mom Mom

A little over a week ago, Chad's mom passed away after a battle with lung cancer. Even when she was really sick, she would always get a big smile on her face when she would see Kylie. It's sad that Kylie won't remember her, but we're thankful we will have plenty of pictures to share with Kylie as she gets older.
Not real sure why the pictures won't let me change the order and I have been trying to finish this post for days, so some are out of order....
at Kylie's shower
few hours after Kylie was born
celebrating Kylie's 1st birthday!

few hours after Kylie was born

Arizona trip

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday was Father's Day, due to a very busy and hard week, we didn't really feel like celebrating so we are going to postpone and celebrate it at a later date.  Here is the Father's Day post from last year....
Kylie sure has changed since then!

I have just a couple pictures from yesterday, didn't even cross my mind to take more. 
Kylie a year ago laying on her Daddy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just hanging out...

likes to sit next to the pool and feel the water before deciding to get in


Thursday, June 9, 2011


After a long, hot day at the zoo, Kylie was done!
complete with a puddle of drool on her shirt!