Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Decorating for Christmas

Making Cookies!

Kylie really enjoyed helping make sugar cookies this year!  I let her decorate them all by herself and she did a great job!
The finished product
Bottom lip sticking out~that's how you know she's really concentrating!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Better late than never....have to get the Thanksgiving post up so I can move on to Christmas!
Matching shirts!
The group shot
Photo bombed by the cat

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Shirt

This year, I searched and searched and couldn't find a Thanksgiving shirt for Kylie that I really liked.  I finally decided to look for ideas on making one...if you want something done right, do it yourself ;)  I found a cute handprint turkey made out of fabric.  I then decided if I was going to make one for Kylie, then I might as well make one for my mom and myself also.  So, this year, we are going to have matching shirts on Thanksgiving!

Here's Kylie modeling her shirt!  The feathers are her hand print and the body of the turkey is her foot print. After Thanksgiving, I'll post pics of all of us in our matching shirts.  Kylie wore hers for her Thanksgiving Feast at school.

Train Ride

We recently went on a train ride.  Kylie has loved trains for a while and we've always talked about going, just had never actually made the plans to do it.  We thought about waiting and going on The Polar Express, but decided we would do the regular ride this year and probably The Polar Express next year.

A few of these pics didn't turn out too great, it was very cloudy, so I think the lighting was just bad.  I'm going to share the good and the bad though :)

So excited to see the train and get so close to it!
Trying to be patient while waiting for the train to start moving!
Love this look on her face, it was right as we started to move!
Lots of steam!
Another highlight of the day, we had a picnic! I just wish the weather had been better, it was supposed to be a nice day, but ended up being chilly and even a little bit of rain.
She had a smile on her face all day!
Should have known that the train ride would make her sleepy!  On the way home, she actually fell asleep on the train, it had been such an exciting day for her!
Our view while having a picnic!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

20 Weeks

Yesterday, I was officially 20 weeks, halfway there!  I had an ultrasound and appointment today.  Baby looks great.  Baby is measuring about 13 ounces right now and heartbeat is 164.  I am measuring about 4 weeks ahead, did the same with Kylie, and dr said it's nothing to worry about.  Baby is measuring a couple days ahead right now.  The baby kept moving away while we were trying to listen to the heartbeat.  I remember Kylie doing that same thing, too.  We didn't get a real good picture of the face or profile, baby just didn't want to cooperate. The baby was playing with the umbilical cord some, that was fun to see. I'm relieved to know that all parts looked to be developing normally, saw the 4 chambers of the heart, kidneys, stomach, etc!

I am feeling so much better, still have nausea occasionally, but not anywhere near as sick as I had been.  I'm having plenty of aches and pains and the hip pain is back also.  It's not as bad as with Kylie, but I'm sure that's because I'm not teaching and on my feet all day like I was when pregnant with her.  I'm finally able to eat normally (other than having problems with meat sometimes) and my only real cravings have been cantaloupe and now grapes.  I could eat grapes all day long!

I feel huge this time so I finally decided to take a picture and compare it to when I was pregnant with Kylie.  I didn't wear the same shirt on purpose, it just worked out that way, maybe because of my limited wardrobe already!  I am for sure bigger this time, but not as big as what I feel.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013