Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not without Kylie....

Apparently, we are not allowed to go out the backdoor without Kylie and if we do then she will pitch a fit until we come in or she gets to go out....
First, she tries to see if she can follow Daddy out on her own
Nope...couldn't open the door herself and then Mommy had the nerve to tell her to wait a minute

Finally, outside and smiling!

It was hot, taking a break to drink some water!
Daddy went back outside :(

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

15 Months!!!

It's hard to believe that Kylie is already 15 months old!  She is learning so much and picks up on everything she sees us do or hears us say.   

She had her 15 month check-up today and weighs 21 pounds 14 ounces and is 29 1/4 inches long.  The dr. said she looks great.  I asked about the reaction to ranch dressing, she said that she hears about it happening sometimes and that it is believed to be an egg allergy or an allergy to the preservatives in ranch.  She has eggs with no problem, so most likely the preservatives.  Eventually we will try it again and see if the same thing happens, but for now, we are staying away.

Kylie does so much now, I don't even know where to start....she isn't walking on her own, but as long as she can have one hand holding onto something then she will walk.  The dr. said that is normal and no reason to worry.  Kylie is a climber and climbs on anything and everything that she can, she's actually really careful and good at it, though it does still scare us!  She also knows how to get on her belly and slide down when she is up on something. 

Kylie loves lining her shoes up on the windowsill, sitting in her chair, playing with anything that makes noise, reading books, stealing our seats anytime that we get up, putting things in containers, putting lids on and taking them off plastic containers/cups, chasing Kit-Kat, going outside, going shopping, baths, sitting in buckets (even ones that are way too small for her)....and so much more that I can't remember.

Her most used word is Bye-Bye, says it all the time and at bedtime she tells her daddy Bye-Bye, waves at him, and blows him kisses :)  Last night we were watching tv and the girl on tv had her hands up and Kylie waved at her!

Kylie points at EVERYTHING and wants to know what everything is.  She is so curious!

Kylie seems to love animals and giggles when she sees them on tv....her 2 latest favorites are one for kitty litter and a Blue Bell ice cream commercial (giggles at the cows).  Kylie has some favorite shows she watches and gets so excited when they are on.  I always sing along with the songs, BUT lately Kylie is getting more and more mad when I sing and she will yell at me and give me a look!

Kylie has developed an opinion on what she wants to wear and will push clothes away that she doesn't like, I thought I had a few years before she would start with this.  Her tastes change daily, something she doesn't like today, she will like tomorrow, or in 5 minutes!

Kylie's still eating really well and wants a "bite" of everything we have, she doesn't always like it and shakes her head and will even spit it out or stick her tongue out for me to get it for her if it tastes really bad.  Lately some of her favorites are no longer favorites, there are just a few things that she's always guaranteed to eat, but at least she is willing to try different foods.

A week ago I would have said Kylie was sleeping horribly, but the last 2 nights she is back to sleeping really well.  I suspect it's the rest of the molars coming in, she has had such a hard time with teething, it's been hard on us all!

Kylie is very vocal and says several words that we are able to understand, I counted about 10 that she uses right now.  She understands a lot of what we tell her and will even go get something when we tell her to.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


If you know me, then you know that I have really sensitive skin and am allergic to all kinds of weird things.  So far, Kylie has only had some eczema problems and swells up from mosquitoes and luckily we can control it by using certain lotions, fragrance free soaps, and hydrocortisone.  Thursday, Kylie had ranch dressing as part of her meal (which she has had before).  After she was done, as we were cleaning her up, we noticed that every place the ranch (which was most of her face) had touched was now really bright red.  I immediately worried about a food allergy, but she wasn't having any other symptoms and wasn't bothered at all by it.  We cleaned her really well, applied hydrocortisone and decided to just watch it and see if it got any worse.  I did a search online and surprisingly this seems to be a common problem, I found a lot of children have this problem.  They were plenty of different theories, most seemed to say it was a contact allergy from an ingredient in the ranch.  Within an hour, the spots were pretty much gone.  For now, she's not getting anymore ranch dressing.  She has her 15 month check-up on Tuesday so I'm going to talk to her dr. then and see what she says to do.
This was her daddy's attempt at getting a picture of the redness, as you can see, she is really bothered by the rash all over her face ;)  We wanted a picture so we could make sure it wasn't getting worse, but the red didn't even show up in the picture.

You can see the red by her eye, it was pretty much covering her face, except for her forehead.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The past week......

It's still too hot to do anything, 20 something days in a row of at least 100 degrees, it's miserable.  Kylie did get to go swimming one morning, but other than that we have been staying inside as much as possible.
always pointing at something!
lounging by the pool :)
never expected sitting in a toy bucket would be so much fun!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Playroom

We were needing to move some things around and I decided to move Kylie's playroom.  I really like where it is now and Kylie spends so much time playing in it now. 
The curtains are from when our table was in here....they will be taken down soon and replaced with new curtains
this gate has been moved now
the gate in the previous picture is now across this opening
Kit-Kat loves the playroom as much as Kylie does!
It's amazing how such a little girl can make such a big mess!
She loves moving her books from one shelf to another and does it over and over and over

Friday, August 12, 2011


Kylie loves to go outside!  Unfortunately it has been very hot here, highs at or over 100 and heat index has been even higher, so we have had to be inside most of the time.  Over the weekend, she did get to go outside a little bit while her daddy was grilling hamburgers and she had such a great time!  I of course took way too many pictures :)

I brought her inside to get a drink and she sat by the door and cried!  She was not happy about having to come back inside, so....we took our drink outside!
still sitting by the door, waiting to go out
supervising Daddy
Not sure how she knew that her cup was supposed to go in the cup holder, but she did!
I'm sure I've posted about it before...Kylie ALWAYS steals our seats when we get up, in this picture she was stealing her daddy's seat :)
Daddy "spanking" her for stealing his seat and she was smiling and laughing about it the whole time!
It was hot out there!

We're so ready for some cooler temperatures so that we can be outside more often, I'll be happy with temps in the 80s!