Sunday, August 21, 2011


If you know me, then you know that I have really sensitive skin and am allergic to all kinds of weird things.  So far, Kylie has only had some eczema problems and swells up from mosquitoes and luckily we can control it by using certain lotions, fragrance free soaps, and hydrocortisone.  Thursday, Kylie had ranch dressing as part of her meal (which she has had before).  After she was done, as we were cleaning her up, we noticed that every place the ranch (which was most of her face) had touched was now really bright red.  I immediately worried about a food allergy, but she wasn't having any other symptoms and wasn't bothered at all by it.  We cleaned her really well, applied hydrocortisone and decided to just watch it and see if it got any worse.  I did a search online and surprisingly this seems to be a common problem, I found a lot of children have this problem.  They were plenty of different theories, most seemed to say it was a contact allergy from an ingredient in the ranch.  Within an hour, the spots were pretty much gone.  For now, she's not getting anymore ranch dressing.  She has her 15 month check-up on Tuesday so I'm going to talk to her dr. then and see what she says to do.
This was her daddy's attempt at getting a picture of the redness, as you can see, she is really bothered by the rash all over her face ;)  We wanted a picture so we could make sure it wasn't getting worse, but the red didn't even show up in the picture.

You can see the red by her eye, it was pretty much covering her face, except for her forehead.

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