Monday, August 8, 2011

Starts young

Kylie already has a love for cell phones!
concentrating on finding the number...

making sure I don't look to see who she's calling :)
must be texting something funny :)

something really funny here!
and there's that squinty smile I love so much!


Skye said...

Haha - Funny!
Julianna got ahold of my Blackberry a few months ago and decided to use it as a teether. Well - all her drool got into the inside and broke it! I had to order a new phone the next day LOL. She has not been allowed near mine since then hahaha!

Alicia said...

I've wondered if that had ever happened to anyone! Kylie doesn't get to hold mine often because she dropped it one time and it fell apart, luckily it still works! Plus I'm so worried she will accidentally call someone, she knows how to unlock the keys on my phone so I can't trust her at all now!