Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

A couple of months ago I decided that Kylie would be Elmo for Halloween. I then started searching for the perfect costume and just couldn't find anything that I liked the looks of and the ones I did like, there was no way I was spending that amount of money.

 I then thought about making something myself. Thanks to the internet, I found out how to make a tutu using elastic headbands and lots and lots and lots and lots of tulle! Originally I was going to attach Elmo's face to the tutu, but then decided to have it on the shirt instead. I looked and looked, but couldn't find a red shirt with just Elmo's face in a size that would fit her. I decided to buy some felt and make his face myself, but then I thought that was harder than it sounded to freehand Elmo's face. I finally traced a face off of one of her shirts and then used that pattern to make his face and glued it onto a red t-shirt. I think it all turned out pretty cute!!!

 Most importantly she loves dressing up as Elmo! Enjoy some pictures of her posing in her costume
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Petting Zoo

We recently went to a place near us called 7 Acre Wood.  With it being Fall we were wanting to take Kylie to a pumpkin patch and I had heard good things about this place.  There was so much to do there and Kylie had the best time!  I'll have to break it up into more than one post because as usual I took a bunch of pictures.  We will for sure be going back!

Kylie loved the petting zoo and we kept going back to it over and over, at one point I had to carry her out crying because it was time for the hayride.  Though once we got on the hayride she stopped crying because that was pretty neat, too!

Click to see the petting zoo pics!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fort Worth

Chad's company party was in Fort Worth this year.  
Great people watching from our room!
We also made stops at Buc-ee's in Madisonville and Toby Keith's Bar and Grill in Dallas!
 We had a great weekend and it was nice to have a little getaway!

Trying to be patient...

Kylie recently spent the weekend with Maw and Paw.  She was so excited and it was all she could talk about.  She tried so hard to be patient while waiting for them to come get her.  We kept going outside to check to see if they were here and at one point she sat on the grass at the sidewalk staring at the street. I thought i should just sit her at the stop sign with her bags and they could just grab her as they drove by :)  She had a great time with them and Mommy and Daddy had a nice weekend away!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I was cooking and she decided to play with potatoes.
Trying to be funny and pretending to eat a potato
She kept counting the potatoes and always ended with 18, her favorite number!
Cute bunny
blocks lined up on the windowsill 
said she was calling dad

Love these of my pretty baby girl!


Please excuse the messy hair!
Kylie was playing and wanted me to see the cow in the car, she thought it was so funny.  I then noticed the baby on top of the car and asked her why the baby was on top of the car, she said "crying".  I asked if that's what you do when a baby cries and she said "yep". the future, if you see me driving around with Kylie on top of the car, then you know why ;)

She brought me a bowl and asked for a snack.  I didn't think she could be hungry so i watched to see exactly what she was planning to do with the snack.  She took it and offered it to Kit-Kat.  I'm surprised Kit-Kat even let her get that close to her, but I guess after almost 2 1/2 years she is finally getting used to Kylie.
She loves play-doh, well she loves telling mommy to make snakes or balls out of it .
Going back to check on Kit-Kat

Saturday, October 20, 2012


We recently had lunch with Chad's cousin, who we hadn't seen in several months.  It was nice to catch up!  Plus we went to Texas Roadhouse which is always a favorite! 

Kylie wasn't on her best behavior, but she did good enough, never got loud, just would not be still for anything.  I even resorted to whispering threats in her ear which seemed to help some.  Is it wrong that I'm happy she's finally at an age where threatening to do something or take away something works??  Right now it seems like just threatening works better than actually punishing her.  She has been getting one of her 2 year molars so I suspect that's causing some of the problems.  Plus all the weather changes this time of year... the day before had been hot and we were in shorts then overnight a front came thru and the next day was cold and windy.
Notice the one red shoe~that was her choice.
Right before I took this picture she was wearing all 3 shoes, yes, 3 shoes at one time and none of them matched!  She had one of Chad's, one of hers, and one of mine.  She apparently has her own sense of style.

Susan G. Komen

I have always thought about walking in the Susan G. Komen walk and this year we finally decided to do it.  We were members of a group walking for a former coworker of mine who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  It felt good to do something to help such an important cause and I'm so glad we did it.  We have since looked into information on walks in support of other diseases that are near and dear to our hearts.  I hope that we will participate in others in the future.
We were up EARLY for the walk!  I'm sure glad I had been talking to her and preparing her for all the people, I couldn't even believe the crowds of people!  
Sitting patiently during Opening Ceremonies.  We participated in the Family Walk portion of it.
So excited about the banana she got after the race :) I love the use of her cup holders~cup of water, cup of milk, Dad's water bottle, and the 4th was where she would put her banana between bites.
It was hot and sticky outside.

We didn't stick around much after our portion was over, the crowds made it very hard to pull the wagon.  Chad didn't mind carrying the wagon, but my arms got tired pretty quick from carrying Kylie.  She has gotten so heavy and I swear she is heavier than she looks!  Plus, since we were in town we had decided we would go to the cemetery where Chad's parents are buried.