Monday, October 8, 2012


Kylie loves having time each day to do some sort of activity, lately we've been talking about Fall, Halloween, and pumpkins!
She loves any activity involving stickers!  The first day, I was telling her what the different stickers were and there was one that was a mummy.  The next day she was asking for a sticker, I would ask her which one she wanted and she would reply "Mom".  I would say okay but which one do you want,.  Finally, I handed her the sheet of stickers and told her to point and she pointed to the mummy sticker and said "mom" :) So now mummies are called "mom" around here!
Trying to find just the right place to put the sticker.
She was feeding Min (Minnie)
Feeding the pig
Finally getting to wear a Halloween shirt!


Skye said...

so cute! I want to do some halloween crafts with julianna this year- I was just making a list of craft stuff I need to buy for her so we can work on some fall stuff. Too cute about the mummies. lol Julianna loves ANYTHING to do with stickers too!! :)

Skye said...

Oh and Julianna says "Puptins" for pumpkins. So she got mad at the squirrels eating our pumpkin yesterday - she yelled "Go away Skirls! No eat puptins! Nooo!" 0 LOL .