Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mommy's Lil' Present

Loves wearing the Happy Meal box as a hat!


Kylie LOVES Kit-Kat and tries to pet her every chance she gets!  Kit-Kat has really come around, but I still wouldn't call them friends....

Last week, Kylie reached up to pet Kit-Kat and Kit-Kat slapped her hand (no claws, just one quick slap).  Poor Kylie, she had the biggest frown ever on her face and it just kept getting bigger and bigger and then she broke out in loud crying.  She buried her head in her daddy's chest and he hugged and comforted her, then she ran to me for some more love.  It was so sad and so funny all at the same time.  Kit-Kat didn't scratch her, just slapped her hand, but it broke Kylie's heart.  She was devastated that Kit-Kat would do that to her.  I'm hoping that it will help her learn to leave Kit-Kat alone when she doesn't want to be bothered...

She was puckered up to give Kit-Kat a kiss :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

Kylie loves to copy what she sees us doing.
she helped clean up while I was wrapping presents...this is our recycling and only the milk jugs belonged in there

Merry Christmas To Me!

Chad went against everything he believes in and gave me an early Christmas present!  I have been wanting a swing for our backyard for a long time now, but couldn't find one in the stores that I liked.  He found someone in the area that makes them and had one made for me for Christmas!
Kylie likes it, too!
pretty Fall colors in our backyard!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Some pictures just because she is so darn cute and I take soooo many pictures of her!
you can see the bruise right below her bottom lip~she fell and hit her mouth on the coffee table resulting in a bloody, swollen lip, and a nasty bruise :(
love that big ol' smile!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


This past Saturday, we decided to take Kylie to the mall to see Santa.  I knew it was going to be busy, we went early, before Santa was even there.  The line was already unbelievable and would have easily been a couple of hours at least before we even were able to see him.  We left, planning to come back the next day and try again. 
Decided I might as well take some pictures of her since she was already dressed!

Once we got home I decided to look online for other places where Santa was in the area.  I saw that Old Town Spring had one, I assumed that it would probably be a long line also, but we decided to go and if it was a long line, we could still have lunch.  Believe it or not, there were only a few people in line (and the prices were sooooo much cheaper than the mall). 

The line was outside, then you went inside for a picture with Santa, Mrs. Claus took the picture.  Kylie did a lot better than we expected with Santa.  When Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas she held her hands up for "I don't know" it was so funny, and perfect timing!  She was nervous and wouldn't smile, but she didn't cry and that's what mattered the most!  We really liked Santa and Mrs. Claus and plan on going back there again next year.

Some pictures

what a look.....
pretty girl

loves the Happy Meal box

First Wedding

Kylie recently went to her first wedding!  She was of course on her best behavior and had the perfect outfit for the occasion!
all dressed and ready to go!

Come on, I'm ready to go!
waiting patiently for it to start

Kylie and Sarah~poor Sarah was having trouble holding her, Kylie kept sliding down her dress!

Kylie enjoyed the fajitas, especially the guacamole!
Beautiful bride and groom!
great idea~gift bags for the little ones!
of course, the tissue paper was the most fun
hugging her new puppy
her pretty boots!