Monday, December 12, 2011


Kylie got to go to a police graduation and she did a great job sitting thru it!  I had a bag full of distractions~crayons, books, snacks, milk, magna doodle~ and didn't have much hope that I would be able to watch the whole graduation, but she made it!  She did a lot of walking back and forth between mommy and daddy, but she was soooo good, we were really proud of her!

Kylie's learning early that every special occasion calls for a pretty, new outfit!
Kylie has been fighting me on bows and headbands for a while now, one day at Target, I put a regular headband on her and she left it on for a long time.  I decided to go ahead and buy it just to try it out.  I'm sure glad I did because she will leave it on and I can clip most of her bows to a headband!

waiting patiently for it to start

and it's doing the random thing where it won't rotate some pictures....

it's starting finally and Kylie is sitting so nicely in her stroller and drawing....
then they start marching in, headed right towards us, and she didn't know what to think
We were laughing at the look on her face at first and then realized that she was about to burst out in tears.  I quickly picked her up and all was okay.  I guess it could be a little bit scary!
waiting for badge pinning
To be continued......I'll try to get the rest of the pictures up tomorrow.  Also, have several more posts I need to do soon.


Skye said...

tis' the age for a bag of "distractions" - I know the feeling. Who graduated that you know? Congrats to whoever it is! :)

We went out to breakfast on sunday, and Julianna was being very beastly... we were giving her everything we could think of to distract her- keys, forks (so much for don't let your kid play with sharp objects lol), iphones, straws, etc HAHHAAA!

Alicia said...

My brother's the one who graduated.

We have broken so many "rules" in an effort to keep Kylie happy and quiet, she loves keys and luckily hasn't really discovered forks yet, but I'm sure she will soon. Phones are always a really good distraction!