Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kylie puts everything with a strap on her arm and carries it around like a purse.  I always love looking in her purse to see what she has in there.  I have found her hairbrush, a large spoon, spatula, stuffed cat, shoes, crayons...all kinds of important things!
a "purse" on each arm!
no purse in this pic....Kylie is apparently sensitive to BBQ sauce also.  Like any good mom, I googled allergy to bbq sauce and ranch dressing and found some interesting things....both have fish products so it could possibly be a sort of seafood allergy, it could be from MSG, preservatives, or a million other things.  I am going to make my own ranch and make my own BBQ sauce and see if she's able to eat those without a reaction.  She's running out of things to dip nuggets in!

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