Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Months!

I'm 10 months old today!
 Last week, Kylie turned 10 months old! She is doing so many things big, wet kisses, clapping and cheering for everything, pulling up to standing, drinking more from sippy cups and less from bottles, eating anything that is put in front of her, and lots more that I can't think of right now!

Favorite picture of our little diva!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Maswik Lodge

We stayed at Maswik Lodge.  These pictures were all taken where we stayed.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

9 Months Old (only a couple of weeks late!)

I can't believe I am just now getting to Kylie's 9 month post!  Things have been very busy around here.  At her 9 month appointment, she weighed 18 pounds 12 ounces and was....well, I can't remember exactly how long and don't want to get up to look!

Kylie is doing all kinds of fun stuff now! She's crawling and is very fast at it, we've had to put a few gates up, mainly the stairs and the kitchen are blocked off.  Kylie is an expert at drinking out of a straw and LOVES water.  She will eat pretty much anything that you give her.  She has started trying to pull up and with a little help can do it.  Kylie loves Harry the Bunny and gets a huge smile on her face when he comes on tv!  She says mama all the time and is very loud and talkative.  All those months of being a good sleeper sure were nice....she doesn't sleep well at all now. 

Grand Canyon Trip

While in Arizona, we decided to go to see The Grand Canyon, it was about a 4 hour drive from Scottsdale.  We got up early Monday morning and headed there.  There had been snow in the forecast, but we didn't know if we would see any or not.....were we ever surprised?!  I had never seen that much snow before, I'm used to the few flurries that Houston gets occasionally!  It was really cold, and the morning we left it actually got down in the single digits!

Here are some pictures from the trip, more will be posted later.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

90th Birthday Party~Scottsdale, Arizona

Saturday night we went to a 90th birthday party for Chad's uncle.  This was Kylie's first big party and she did really good, even though it was late (for her) and there were a lot of people there that she didn't know.

she fell asleep right before dinner

slept in the stroller during dinner

Chad's mom and his nieces

somehow she knew when dinner was over and woke up to be held, then fell right back asleep in my arms

Birthday boy and his wife dancing, it was really cute to watch!

one tired baby girl!

Morris brothers

The girls

love how she is looking up at him!

More Arizona....

 Saturday afternoon we decided to do some exploring around town, I was very interested in finding Sprinkles Cupcakes, I knew it was within walking distance of where we were staying!

the best cupcakes you will ever taste!!!!

all dressed up for the big party

finally took her fingers out of her mouth

off to the party we go!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scottsdale, Arizona

Our first day in Scottsdale we visited Fashion Square Mall!  The mall was huge and really nice! 
Dressed and ready to go shopping!

The next day, we had breakfast with family....
slowest service ever, at least she was patient!

these two loved each other!!! Too bad they don't live closer to us!

After breakfast, it was time for a nap....

More posts to come....

Kylie's First Time Flying....

We got up at 2:15 AM to get ready and be able to make it to the airport for our 6 AM flight, wow that was early, but we did it.  I had everything prepared, even more prepared than the day before.  Kylie did great on the plane!  When we were getting ready to takeoff, I gave her a bottle and she fell asleep pretty quickly, never cried!  She slept for quite a while, over an hour and I was even able to sleep a little while holding her.  When she did wake up, she was in a great mood and LOVED watching everyone and luckily there were people close by that were smiling and waving at her so she was getting lots of attention.  Landing went great also, gave her a bottle again and she was fine, no crying!  I was amazed at how good she did, but then again I knew that we had the best baby ever!  We got so many comments and compliments on how great she was, made us proud parents :) With such an early flight, we were in Phoenix before 8 AM, so we had the whole day ahead of us.  After picking up our rental car, the first stop was Wal-Mart....I chose to buy diapers, wipes, etc once we were there instead of attempting to pack all of it.  Kylie had traveled in her pj's so....she went to Wal-Mart in her pajamas, didn't think I would ever be one of those, but at least she still looked cute :)

ready to have some time to just play!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kylie's First Time On An Airplane.....

I have so many blog posts I need to do, so here goes.....

Feb. 17th, we got up early and were at the airport ready to leave on our 8 AM flight to Phoenix.  An 8 AM flight is hard enough, but even worse when having to get a baby there also!  So....we get checked in, thru security~though her bottles kept making the alarm go off and they finally had to use the paper stick thingy to check them, boarded the plane, and then......not long after we boarded we noticed that no one else was getting on the plane and there were maybe 20 of us on there and it was supposed to be a full flight.  We then find out that there was something wrong with the plane and the mechanic was on the way, we could either get off or stay where we were.  Well, there were some nice people sitting near us and we just all spread out and decided to stay where we were and talked. 

I bet no one else has ever enjoyed the safety info card as much as Kylie did!

We kept getting updates and it turned out to be a relay that has something to do with telling how much fuel is in the plane.  They found the part and we were told it would be a 5 minute fix and then we would be on the way, this was close to 3 hours later.  They then resumed boarding, got everyone on board and seated and then we were told that the relay didn't fix the part and that the flight was cancelled!  So we had spent 4 hours at this point on the plane and hadn't left Houston!  Kylie was great though :)  We were able to book a flight for the next morning at 6 AM, yes, 6 AM, that is way early to be leaving!  Then getting our luggage was another hassle, it took forever!  I think partly because they had been loading and unloading luggage the whole time we were on the plane as they were able to get people with connecting flights booked onto other flights and they would have to find their bags to get them on the correct plane.

trying to be patient while waiting for the bags