Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our main colors for the nursery will be green and yellow gingham. The bedding is called cottontail friends, it's gingham with baby animals on it. We are NOT finding out if we are having a boy or a girl so everything that we are buying is neutral. This is just the beginnings of the nursery, we still have a lot of work to do and I'll post pictures of the progress as we do more. This Saturday I will be 20 weeks, so I am almost halfway there!

My mom made the green gingham basket liners

Sheets that match the bedding

Quilt that we will use as a wall hanging

Crib skirt that my mom made, it's yellow gingham

blanket that my mom made for me as a baby

pillow sham

blanket and burp cloths my mom made

Of course we have some Toby Keith outfits ready!

Kit-Kat doing quality control, she tested all the blankets for softness

First Astros outfit, baby will look toooooooo cute in this!

First Astros Cap

yellow gingham curtains that my mom made, there is also a valance, but I just have them up using some old tension rods for right now, we still need to buy a curtain rod, but I had to put them up just to see how they looked! We also still need to buy shades for the window.

Christmas Day 2009

Christmas Eve 2009~Part 3 (picture overload)

This is your warning...lots and lots of pictures once again.