Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Redneck Thanksgiving

You Might Be A Redneck If..........

You've ever had Thanksgiving dinner on a Ping-Pong table. (maybe not an actual ping-pong table, but a folding card table...yes!)

Thanksgiving dinner is squirrel and dumplings. (don't think I have eaten squirrel, BUT I think a relative did cook and bring squirrel to either Thanksgiving or Christmas one year)

You've ever re-used a paper plate. (at the same meal, yes....don't save them for other days or later meals though)

If you have a complete set of salad bowls and they all say Cool Whip on the side. ( have a few of these for putting leftovers in)

If you've ever used your ironing board as a buffet table. (nope...but I will keep this in mind if we ever need more room)

On Thanksgiving Day you have to decide which pet to eat.

Your turkey platter is an old hub cap.

Your best dishes have Dixie printed on them. (not our best dishes, but with so many people, it's easier to eat off paper, less to wash later and who has that many real plates??)

Your stuffing's secret ingredient comes from the bait shop.

Your only condiment on the dining room table is ketchup. (sure it's out, but wouldn't be the only one)

Side dishes include beef jerky and Moon Pies.

You have to go outside to get something out of the 'fridge. (well there are extra fridges outside the house, so I guess sometimes, yes)

The directions to your house include "turn off the paved road". (no explaining this one...YES all my relatives live on a dirt road, that's why I like having a truck, especially when it has been raining and you can slip and slide the whole way!)

You consider pork and beans to be a gourmet food.

You have an Elvis Jell-o mold.

Your secret family recipe is illegal. (if it was, I sure wouldn't admit it for the world to read on here!)

You serve Vienna Sausage as an appetizer. maybe I am a little bit redneck, but is that a bad thing???? Check out a few pics of me growing up and tell me if you think there is some redneck in me?!

Actual family picture taken on Thanksgiving several years ago.
Thanksgiving Last Year

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Sandy said...

Nothing wrong with being a little redneck! I think we all have a little in us :) I love the pictures...