Friday, August 12, 2011


Kylie loves to go outside!  Unfortunately it has been very hot here, highs at or over 100 and heat index has been even higher, so we have had to be inside most of the time.  Over the weekend, she did get to go outside a little bit while her daddy was grilling hamburgers and she had such a great time!  I of course took way too many pictures :)

I brought her inside to get a drink and she sat by the door and cried!  She was not happy about having to come back inside, so....we took our drink outside!
still sitting by the door, waiting to go out
supervising Daddy
Not sure how she knew that her cup was supposed to go in the cup holder, but she did!
I'm sure I've posted about it before...Kylie ALWAYS steals our seats when we get up, in this picture she was stealing her daddy's seat :)
Daddy "spanking" her for stealing his seat and she was smiling and laughing about it the whole time!
It was hot out there!

We're so ready for some cooler temperatures so that we can be outside more often, I'll be happy with temps in the 80s!

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