Tuesday, January 3, 2012


One of Kylie's favorite things to eat is a banana.  When we go to the grocery store, she gets so excited to see the bananas there and begs and begs for some.  I figure there are plenty of worse things she could be begging for and I am more than happy to buy her bananas.  It's one of her favorite snacks and something I know she will eat even on those days that she is refusing pretty much everything else.

reading a book and eating a banana

they taste better when you have one sock on and one sock off ;)

yum yum!
Kylie loves Baby First TV and I know a few of the shows have actually taught her things, bad news for her is that DirecTV is making it a free channel, but in order to get it as a free channel, you have to have a more expensive package~at least $10 more a month and updated equipment (makes no sense to me and we are not happy with DirecTV at all!)....and we don't get the option to keep paying the extra $3 or $4 /month we pay now :(  I think she is really going to miss her friends on there.
Kylie thinks it is hilarious to put her dirty socks in your face and make you smell them :)
she loves playing outside
she does great climbing the stairs for her slide, but sometimes just decides to sit there instead of sliding on down

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