Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Orleans-Friday

I have been busy this week, Spence Rogers training, and I have one more day left of it this week and then 2 days in a couple of weeks. I am just going to post info. about our trip to New Orleans as I have the time, so for those of you that are interested in hearing all about it, just check back periodically (ohhhh big word!) and I will be posting as I have some spare time (ha, does anyone have spare time anymore?!)

Last Friday, Chad and I left for New Orleans a little after 1. According to map quest, it was supposed to take 6 hours and 5 minutes from our house to the hotel. That would have been great, BUT considering we were traveling on I-10 and there is this little thing called ROAD CONSTRUCTION, it took us longer than that...There was a place in Louisiana where we were in traffic for a LONG TIME, it was 3 lanes of I-10 that had to all go down to one lane!!!! How the heck did they think that was possible?! We sat there for quite a while in all that mess.

We soon figured out that we would be really hungry by the time we got to New Orleans so we started looking for a place to stop and eat. We saw a sign for
Crawfish Town USA so we decided to try it out. I am not the biggest fan of seafood, so I had grilled chicken alfredo, it was soooo good and Chad had fried crawfish and something else. I tasted his fried crawfish and it was pretty good.

After eating, we were on our way once again. We had a slight problem with map quest's directions about the exit to take to our hotel, but Chad had printed out maps of the surrounding streets of our hotel and I was able to use those to figure out how to get where we needed to be. We got to the hotel around 9:30. We stayed at
Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter, just one street over from Bourbon Street. It is a very old hotel.

We decided to change clothes and go out for a while. We tried to meet up with some friends, but our texting back and forth was always delayed and it seemed like we just kept missing each other. Chad and I walked along one of the main streets and then saw Harrah's Casino so we went in there for a little while. We didn't gamble very much, but I did get a Starbucks. Afterwards, wasn't so sure that it was a good idea to have that after 10 pm!

That was our Friday in New Orleans, Saturday was the fun part.....lots of shopping, going to the party, walking down Bourbon Street late on a Saturday night, and going to bars on Bourbon Street, check back soon for more details!

Also, I will hopefully upload some pictures today and get some of those posted, we'll see......I am pretty tired alrady.

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