Sunday, October 19, 2008


Our oleanders are overgrown, so I decided to do some trimming on them today. I think I did a great job, what do you think? Should I get a job trimming bushes?

Before After

I didn't attempt to trim this one yet.

Ok, I know it looks awful and that was the purpose. I want to get rid of the stupid oleanders, I don't like how poisonous they are and I have some hibiscus I want to plant in their place, that will be much prettier. I cut back as much as my arms could stand to do and then made tons of cuts all along the stems at the bottom and poured bush killer all over it. I have read these things are hard to kill, hopefully I did some damage today, other than just cosmetic damage! I plan to just keep chopping away and pouring poison on it and hopefully by Spring it will be dead. For the really big oleander, I think it will need something more than just the clippers I was using. The pictures look a lot better than they do in person! the meantime hopefully people driving by my house don't make fun of my hideous looking oleander!

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