Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Hibiscus

My favorite plants are hibiscus and yesterday I bought 3 more! They are the hardy kind that will not freeze so I am going to plant them in the front yard in the Spring. My hibiscus are small right now and not blooming, but I'll include a picture of what the bloom will look like eventually.

The Moy Grande Hibiscus, the blooms can be as large as dinner plates, 12 inches!
Lady Baltimore Hibiscus, it's blooms can be as large as 10 inches across
White Texas Star Hibiscus

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KatBouska said...

Hey, just popped over via SITS...part of our homework today you know. :)

Hibiscus are GORGEOUS!! My husband grew up in Hawaii where he could really aprreciate the beauty of those plants. I also love plumeria. SO pretty!!