Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Orleans Saturday

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to spend the day walking and shopping. Our hotel was in the French Quarter and every street had shops. The shops ranged from typical souvenir shops to some expensive chain stores. We ate lunch at some cajun place (Chad wanted to eat cajun food the whole time we were there), I had a chicken club sandwich. Oh, we had spinach, artichoke dip also, it was good! The rest of the day we wandered around, in and out of shops, up and down the streets, just taking our time and enjoying the day. There were some streets that were blocked off and people had tables set up...selling things, reading tarot cards, fortune tellers, street performers, all kinds of interesting things...There were some pretty neat street performers, there was a construction worker walking up a ladder, holding a board, another was a man walking his dog, there were several of the people painted like statues. The party didn't start until 6:30 Saturday and it was only a couple of minutes from the hotel so we had the whole day to spend just exploring the shops. Here are pics from Saturday. I'll update about the party and after-party soon, enjoy the pictures for now.

During the day, the streets weren't very busy, but as you can see from some of the pictures at night, it gets packed at night.

There were Daiquiris and Pizza places all over

You can see the balconies in the pictures where people throw beads from at night. The balconies were packed with people later.
Corner of Iberville and Bourbon Street during the middle of the day on Saturday, looks a lot different than at night!

A beautiful Catholic Church, there were 3 weddings scheduled there for Saturday
A very cute donkey :)
I couldn't resist going up and talking to the donkey and then Chad decided to take a picture of us. The donkey was looking at me while I was talking to him :)

The Jax Beer Brewery
Chad getting all dressed for the night

Dinner at Arnaud's
Chad and I at Razoo Bar & Patio on Bourbon Street, listed as the best night spot in the French Quarter
Razoo Bar & Patio

Chad took this picture in front of us as we were walking down Bourbon Street. I can't even begin to imagine how busy it is during Mardi Gras, this was just a normal Saturday night and I don't think very many more people could have fit on the street.
Bourbon Street is behind me, we had walked up and down it all day long, but once it gets late, you can barely even move down the street, it is just packed with people.
Had to get a picture with the Mardi Gras mask!

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Queenie Jeannie said...

Looks like you had a terrific time!! EVERYONE has to go to New Orleans in their lifetime - at least once!