Thursday, January 24, 2013


                 Kylie loves doing arts and crafts and is always looks forward to making something!
All the famous artists use 3 paintbrushes at the same time :)
One of her favorite parts of painting, is dipping the brush in water to clean it.
New crayons!


Skye said...

Look at the fun Kylie is having! You are a brave brave mama! We have not attempted paint here yet lol. J did do it once at the discovery museum but not here at home yet.... maybe soon ... maybe not lol

Alicia said...

We actually paint pretty often at home, I use an old drop cloth, put one of my old shirts on her, and only give her a small amount of paint at a time! So...if she was to make a mess, it couldn't be too big of a mess! Plus, the promise of painting is a good bribe ;)