Monday, January 28, 2013


Silly girl, wanted her picture taken with her eyes closed.
Looks so grown up in this picture.
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When we leave the house, she always has to take something with her, this day was doggy, deer, and a purse.  From day to day, I never know what she's going to be attached to, but there is always at least one thing that will not leave her side for the day.
Doing some fishing after dance class.
We had some old bread so I thought we would make bread bird feeders that I'd seen online.  Well, apparently the bread wasn't stale enough because not long after I hung them outside, they all fell :(  She was sad, but I told her we would try it again another time and that the birds/squirrels would eat it off the ground.  It might just be too humid here to do it.
I love this picture, there was a ladybug on the blue lid and she was laying there watching it


Skye said...

Look how long her hair is getting! I was just noticing that- wow! :) Too bad on the bird feeders- bummer.

Alicia said...

My parents were just here today and my mom kept commenting on how long and thick her hair was just since she saw her last! She's for sure not a little baldy anymore :) i really think there is just too much humidity here, even with stale bread, it's just damp feeling out there. At least we had fun trying though! I'm going to try doing it with a pinecone.