Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Feet!

Kylie has always loved to dance and we finally decided to go ahead and let her take a class.  We weren't sure how she would like it~listening to someone else, being around other kids, etc.  I stay home with her so she hasn't been around a lot of others her age and lately has become shy around other adults.  
Don't all ballerinas eat cookies???
After looking at our options, and deciding that some were just too expensive (and way too structured) for a 2 1/2 year old that we feared would probably cry the whole time, I finally came across a class that the local children's museum offers.  The class has a focus on ballet, but they do a lot of movement, dancing/singing along with fun songs, running, jumping, stretching, etc.

Once we told Kylie about the dance class, she was so excited.  I'm not sure what she knew about dance class or if she even had any idea what to expect, but it sure sounded fun to her!  We bought a leotard (so, so, so cute) and ballet shoes!!!!
Morning of her first class~unfortunately the class was cancelled, the teacher was caught in traffic and unable to make it in.  

Dance class might have been cancelled, but we decided to stay and play anyways.  She wouldn't let me put her clothes back on her though so she played in her leotard and ballet shoes.

The good news is, she did finally get to dance and she LOVES it!!  She did a great job and I'm not just saying it because I'm her mom, but she was one of the best ones in there.  She tried so hard to do what the teacher said and did a great job paying attention.  Even better, she wasn't clinging to me the whole time.  It's a Mommy and Me type class so I was there with her doing the dancing and helping out for most of it.  She is so sweet with the other girls and even hugged a couple of them and hugged her teacher at the end of class.  This mommy was so proud of how well she did! 

The class is very relaxed and a lot of fun, which is how a dance class for 2 and 3 year olds should be!  I only signed up for 4 weeks initially, but am planning on signing up for the class thru May now that we know how much she enjoys it! 
What all the fire fighters are wearing these days ;)


Skye said...

So awesome! Glad she liked it! This is an iffy age for this stuff- i know what you mean - you don't know if they will like it or cry LOL. I love kylie's ballerina dress- so cute! I think I want to get one of those for J even if she doesn't do dance yet haha.
We just enrolled Julianna in swim lessons at the YMCA - and I wasn't sure how she would like it - but she loves it - loved listening to the instructor and doing what they told her- I was so happy! And she talks about it too! Funny b/c the first class was canceled for us too lol. :)

Alicia said...

We found her outfit at Academy, there are several web sites that sell them, but I wasn't sure what size she would need. I think J does need one!!

I thought I remembered her first swimming class being canceled, that is too funny. So glad she loves her swimming lessons and did such a great job! We keep saying we are going to enroll K, but I'm really not sure if she would be ready now or not!!

Skye said...

Yeah I will need to pick up a ballerinadress for sure!! Julianna hated her 2nd swim lesson this past week - figures! She said she was scared- but wants to go back - so w'll see how she does next week. ugh

Alicia said...

Oh no, I hope she likes her next one!! I'm sure it's just this age. Today at dance class, a little girl that did great last week, refused to do anything this week. Others that cried all last week, they did great this week. You just never know from week to week with a toddler!

I think you can search for leotard with attached skirt (or dress) and find all kinds to choose from. I'm about to look now, Kylie needs a short sleeve or sleeveless one.