Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day Part 2

If you missed the first Christmas Day post, you can read it here
Still had a few presents left to unwrap
Elmo jammies!!!
Not sure what she was doing, probably entertaining us somehow!
Well, Christmas wasn't the big family get together like usual, but some family did come by to check on things.
One of the chairs that flew off the back porch.
The roof blew off the log barn, that barn has survived many hurricanes, but no match for the tornado.
Window blown out and a messed up roof
The back of the log barn, two bikes are hanging over the top, being held on by our old crib.  The roof and several things from inside were later found in the pasture to the left.
Lots of limbs down
A lot of little things were knocked over/broken from the yard.  It was amazing how something would be broken and then what was next to it would appear to not have even been touched.
Tree that was struck by lightning recently
more limbs
This tree lost the top out of it.
An old dead tree, that has been dead and hollow for years and years and it  is still standing.
top out of a tree
She was trying to find someone that would take her to see the horses!
 It was a Christmas we will never forget and hopefully will never have another one like it!!

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