Saturday, June 30, 2012

Petting Zoo

I think one of Kylie's favorite parts of the zoo was the petting zoo.
This goat was hanging out in the shade and safety of this bench, away from all the little ones. 
Kylie was instantly drawn to him and would go over, bend down, and talk to the goat.
Telling the goat "Bye"
She really enjoyed brushing the tails of the goats.  I, on the other hand, really wished she would move to the other end of the goat!
Back to visit her friend
This is one of my favorite pics, you can see how happy she was!
Brushing tails again
I laugh whenever I see this picture, apparently Chad felt the need to visit with the goat also :)
I was so proud of her when we were ready to move on.  She put the brush up and walked out without pitching a fit!!!  This was huge for her to not get upset at having to move on before she was ready.
And off we go again


Skye said...

I have yet to find a petting zoo here where they let the kids in the same pen as the animals. THey usually have up a fence and you get to stick a finger in - not quite as fun! I love how Kylie enjoyed it - she liked that little goat! Aww!

Alicia said...

That's no fun if you can't be right in there with the animals!! We spent so much time in there with the goats and at times we were the only ones other than the workers, it was perfect for Kylie.