Thursday, June 7, 2012

Looking Back~May

I love looking back at pictures and have been wanting to do posts with pictures from the past, so here goes.....  More to come!
The day we brought Kylie home from the hospital, her 1st birthday, and her 2nd birthday!


Skye said...

Amazing right! Look at Kylie's little baby face when she was born - awwww! I love looking back at old pictures as well to see how much J has grown.

Alicia said...

I still remember in the hospital my husband saying he was afraid all the other mothers in the hospital were jealous because ours was the prettiest one there. He said that he always thought all newborns looked alike, but then when he saw her, he just couldn't believe how beautiful she was! It's amazing the love that you just instantly feel for that little baby. I love her little baby face and love seeing just how much she has changed.

Michelle said...

They grow up sooooo fast!!