Monday, June 11, 2012


Years ago, I had a hibiscus named Mrs. Jimmy Spangler~I loved the bloom and the name!  One particularly cold winter, she didn't survive.  Ever since then, I have searched and searched for another one of those hibiscus and couldn't find one, UNTIL Memorial Day......I turned the corner at Ace Hardware and there she was!  I looked at the price and told myself no, that I couldn't spend that on a plant.  I then decided to try another nursery in hopes of finding such luck.  After discussing it with Chad, I ended up going back and buying the hibiscus!  So, I am now the proud owner of a Mrs. Jimmy Spangler hibiscus once again! I figured I had posted pictures of this hibiscus in the past and sure enough I found a post about her here.
Dragons Blood Sedum and Calico Kitten
Rattlesnake plant and ice plant
Ice plant
Yellow Ice Plant and Dragons Blood Sedum
This is the best helper you could ever ask for....she works very hard at filling containers with water
Then carefully carries the containers to the plants to water them
Moss Rose and Crown of Thorns
My helper very carefully watering the plants
Bat face~another plant I had years ago and just bought again this year
Thinking she might need a little more bug spray on~the mosquitoes are awful here and they love my sweet baby girl so much, she gets swarmed and big huge bumps when they bite her.


Skye said...

Ooh you are so lucky to have all those hot weather plants. ANd what a good helper Kylie is! I need to teach Julianna to water the plants here. hahaa!
We could never have hibiscus here in NJ - at least not outdoors. It would die in november :(
THey are so pretty - Funny b/c my grandmother used to have one in her apartment that flourished b/c she kept her apartment at 85 degrees LOL - and now that she is gone, any time I see a hibiscus, I think of her and smile :)

Alicia said...

What a good memory of your grandmother!

Hibiscus are my favorite plants! I have some hardy ones in the ground that die down in winter and come back in the spring. The tropical ones I didn't even cover last winter, never got that cold. I usually just move them up by the garage, some winters i have to move them inside the garage or cover them a few times. Our summers are too dry for hibiscus, so they do require some extra attention and they are the only plant I will give that extra attention to! Most of my other plants are heat/drought tolerant, it's just too hot to be out there taking care of plants.

Kylie is such a great helper :) and I bet Julianna would be, too!