Thursday, July 16, 2009

Around the yard.....

Please IGNORE the weeds that are visible in some of the pictures, it's too hot to be able to get it all weeded, plus I have had allergies or something for about a week and haven't felt like even being outside. no attention to the poison ivy visible in at least one picture......I will get it taken care of, just haven't braved it yet. Though a few days ago I did grab a big handful of poison ivy without gloves on. I realized what I had and dropped it quickly and ran in and washed and washed and washed, luckily I never broke out. I have never had a rash from poison ivy which is surprising since I am allergic to EVERYTHING you could possibly be allergic to....

Enjoy the pictures!

This red hibiscus is loving the weather right now!
Mexican Heather hasn't even noticed that it's hot and dry
Blue Plumbago is as pretty as ever!
Firecracker plant~another one that doesn't seem to be bothered by the weather

This hardy hibiscus, Moy Grande, is doing great in this weather. The blooms are beautiful until around noon and then they start shriveling, but it has at least one open bloom on it each day.
This hibiscus gets a lot of shade and hasn't stopped blooming
Mrs. Jimmy Spangler~this bloom made me sad, it's a beautiful hibiscus, but the heat has taken its toll and the blooms aren't near as pretty right now as they usually are.
This is a hibiscus I just bought this week, it's one of the braided hibiscus.

Bat Face~I don't think this plant even realizes that it's hot outside, it is doing so good and is crowding out everything near it, it's a beautiful plant and has been in full bloom all summer long.

The roses are also doing pretty well
A type of Salvia, gets full sun and hardly any water and it's grown so much!

Mexican Petunia is also in full sun and little water and is beautiful

Blue Daze

My plumeria is beautiful and has 4 blooms open, I love it!!
Hot Lips Salvia is just surviving right now, very few blooms...

Cigar Plant
Purple Majestly Salvia~this plant does wilt some, but always perks back up.

old swing from my parents, for now I have hibiscus on it, it was too hot for them in the sun so I moved them out under the trees.
Painted Lady Hibiscus~this bloom should be a beautiful bright pink, instead of such a pale pink, I assume the heat has caused the bloom to be faded

This bloom is supposed to be watermelon color~another victim of the heat, I guess.
Ha~wandering jew, I don't think there is anything that could ever slow this plant down!
aloe vera

red salvia, not blooming as much, but still pretty
this little lizard was enjoying the shade
this pink salvia perked up after our rain last week

ornamental pepper has grown a lot and is putting out new peppers
Pink Skullcap gets lots and lots of sun and loves it
Can never go wrong with cactus and succulents in the Texas heat!
this is huge!
May Night Salvia, Red Salvia, Black and Blue Salvia, and Oregano

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