Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2 Year Pictures

Grandma made Kylie's Minnie Mouse dress for her birthday party!  
Had to brush her hair before I started taking pictures.
I looked and looked and couldn't find red Minnie Mouse shoes in her size, all the ones that would fit her were pink.  All the Mickey ones I found were for boys.  I searched and searched online for red and white or just red sandals/shoes for her to wear.  Red is not an easy color to find for girls, I'm all for pink, but sometimes a girl needs colors other than pink! Finally, I decided I would just have to make something myself.  I decided to add some yellow bows to a pair of her white sandals.  They turned out cute.  
Had to have some pictures with Min also!
I love this picture, it shows just how much she loves Minnie
The next day, we happened to be by a Gymboree, we went in, and there was a pair of red sandals with white polka dots that would match her dress!  They were part of the ladybug line.  I couldn't believe my luck and of course I find them the day after I make some!  So, Kylie ended up with 2 pairs of shoes for her dress.  It worked out fine, she wore a different pair at each party!

Holding up 2 fingers to show how old she is (wearing  the 2nd pair of shoes)
Holding up 1 finger is so much easier
Look at that smile!
Another funny smile!
She loved taking pictures with Min and HopHop
Sign I made for the door
There were birds chirping out the window and she was cutting her eyes trying to see them
Blowing kisses

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