Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zoo Visit (Part 1)!

Kylie is really into animals and loves telling us the noises that they make so we knew she would really love the zoo this year!  We went the beginning of June, it was hot, but not unbearable.  Sure glad we went then and not this week with all the heat advisories!

So excited about being at the zoo!
Pointing and showing Daddy the sea lions
Off they go!
 I'm so glad we bought her a wagon for her birthday, she loved riding in it and never complained once.  Plus, there was room for a small cooler with food and drinks so we didn't have to pay outrageous prices at the zoo!
This was my favorite meerkat, stayed on top of this rock the whole time we were watching.
Watching the meerkats (she ended up getting a stuffed one later and every time she hears the word meerkat, she starts meowing :) 
Watching the elephants eat breakfast and take their baths
We had so much trouble trying to get her to look at the camera for a picture, she wanted to look at the animals!
Fine, I'll look at the camera, but I'm not going to smile!
Looks like they are discussing whatever animal it is
We brought her animal book with us and she loved finding the animals in the book that she was seeing at the zoo!
He was pacing around and around and around...
Time for a break and a nice cool drink.  Gotta love the humidity, we were all so hot and sweaty.
Cute statue

As usual, I took way too many pictures, so I need to split this up into more than one post.


Skye said...

aww kylie loves the zoo - so cute! And she loves her wagon - what a great idea- we need to get a wagon for those kind of things- desperately! We usually go to the zoo in september (my company has free admission one weekend) - i can't wait! LOoks like fun!

Alicia said...

You do need to get a wagon! Kylie had gotten to the point where she didn't always want to be in a stroller and we couldn't take her out of a stroller to look at something without her screaming when we tried to put her back in. The wagon worked great and she sat so good in it and would only try to get out when we were stopped looking at animals. They have more expensive wagons with all kinds of extras, but after looking around decided we didn't need all the extras. This one has cup holders, seats 2, the seats can fold down, and the handle folds under for fitting into a vehicle! Free admission weekend would be perfect, I wish we had that, it was so expensive!