Friday, June 8, 2012

Big Girl Bed!

Last night in her crib!
On Kylie's 2nd birthday we moved her from her crib to her big girl bed!  She was super excited and ready to sleep in her new bed and new room!  We both put her to bed that night, as we started upstairs we told her to go to her big girl bed and she went right to it!  She had all her friends in there with her, already barely room for her to sleep.  I put an air mattress and egg crate mattress pad next to the bed just in case the bed rail didn't manage to stop her!  We let her know that if she needed up or when she woke up in the morning and was ready to get out of bed to say "up up" (that's the phrase she uses to be picked up) and one of us would come get her.  It worked great.

All tucked in and ready to go to sleep!  She does not stay covered at night so we are still having her sleep in long sleeves/pants most nights so she doesn't get cold at night~I like to sleep with the house cold!
That bed is full!
She has been sleeping really well in her big girl bed.  I've had to go in there occasionally, but I suspect 2 year molars might be to blame for that.  She also naps without any problem in her big girl bed.  I was afraid that she would want to get up and play instead of sleep, but she really does like her sleep so she has been doing fine.  So far, she hasn't gotten out of it without us in there, she does know how to get off of a bed, so if she were to decide to hopefully she wouldn't fall.  I didn't sleep much the first night, was just constantly checking the monitor to make sure she was doing fine, but after that first night, Mommy has slept much better also!

She hadn't climbed out of her crib yet, but I had a feeling it was getting close and I wanted her out of it before she had a chance to fall while climbing out!


Skye said...

Wow what a big girl Kylie is - I bet you are so proud of her, mama! We are going to convert J's crib next weekend into the daybed - I am scared but I know its time... Glad you taught Kylie the phrase if she wants to get up. I might borrow that from you. Good luck and let us know if she stays in her bed .... for the long haul :)

Alicia said...

so far so good! I have been writing posts and scheduling them for later dates, so to update this one just a little....she fell out one time and that was because she was calling for me (she needed a stinky diaper changed so she could go to sleep!), I was downstairs and in the process of running upstairs when I realized she was standing at the end. I got to her door just in time for her to fall out of the bed :( I scooped her up, she was fine, cried just a second, just scared, as was I! She landed on the air mattress so it wasn't much of a fall at all.

There have been a few days lately where I've had to go up a few times to remind her to lay down and go to sleep, but she hasn't tried getting out on her own. "Up Up" works great for us! She sometimes will holler "Hep" (help) if she thinks she needs us right that second.

I am so super duper proud of her! I worried for nothing! I'm sure J will do just as well!!