Saturday, September 27, 2008

On A Positive Note....

Going 9 days without power, sure makes your electric bill MUCH cheaper!


Casey's trio said...


Thanks so much for your sweet comments on our blog AND for taking the time to say hello.
I looked over your last couple of posts and I am so glad that you and your husband are okay. Those pictures of all the people waiting to fill up their gas cans at the gas station are just astounding. I don't get to watch the news much anymore, so that picture was just heartbreaking.
Hope your friends and loved ones weren't affected.

Michelle said...

Hello!!! So the pictures look very familiar to me, I know exactly where that gas station is....I had a hard time just getting on the freeway because of those people. Yes I'm so grateful to have our power back and I'm happy that you guys are doing good too. My parents got theirs on today so it was day 16 for them. I can't wait to see my bill. For some reason I got a zero bill so I'm assuming the next one will be two months. It is very nice to meet you!!!