Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike is here....

Friday night/Saturday morning, I spent most of the night laying awake in bed, watching the trees swaying in the wind and listening to how loud the wind was. We lost power around 3:30 Saturday morning, much later than we expected. Kit-Kat was a little bothered that night by the noise, she stayed on me or right next to me most of the night and seemed to like watching out the window with me. she did spend a lot of time eating, I think she must eat when she's nervous! Around daylight on Saturday, I heard a loud noise and watched a good sized limb fall to the ground outside our window. I decided to get up not long after that. We spent most of the morning just watching the wind and rain. There was a generator for the freezer/fridge, but it was too windy and rainy at the time for that to be on. With the grill we were able to eat and had pretty good food! We soon started venturing out onto the porch, depending which way the wind was blowing, we were just tired of being inside. When the wind switched the other direction, we just went to the other porch to still stay as dry as possible. We had lots of wind and rain until we went to bed. We were able to walk up the road in between the rain that evening and suprisingly no trees were across the road.

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