Friday, September 12, 2008

More Ike Preparations

We were at my parents, a little north of Huntsville, and had most of Friday to get their yard prepared for the hurricane. We spent a lot of time moving plants, and all kids on yard decorations, things off the porch, etc. into the garage. We wanted to make sure that anything that could be blown around would be put away safely. We had some wind during the day Friday, but not much. We watched on tv as Ike approached Galveston and the water was already rising. We knew that the power would go out, they lose power for just a small amount of wind, so we decided to take bets on what time it would go out. I lost :( By the time we went to bed Friday, there were some pretty powerful gusts of wind, but the hurricane wasn't even there yet. Oh, the sunset on Friday was beautiful, will upload pictures once I have power.

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