Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night was Toby Keith's concert!!!!!! It was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lots of pictures and also a few short video clips.

Montgomery Gentry opened for him and they were really good. There were also 3 acts that sang a couple of songs that are on Toby's record label. One of those groups is Trailer Choir and they are hilarious!!!! One song they sang was called Rockin' the Beer Gut, very funny!

The weather was great, it was a little hot when we got there, but as soon as the sun went down below the hill, the temperature was great. There was a nice, cool breeze all night. We had lawn seats, I enjoy that more than having to sit squished next to someone in the reserved seating. I am pretty tired today, not used to staying out so late, guess that means I am getting old :( Also, the people watching was great, as you can imagine. I was about to get a picture of 2 girls with a shirt that said on the back FUDC, right as I went to snap it they turned off the lights and started the trailer for Toby's new movie, Beer For My Horses. I'm sure the girls had made the shirt and if you are a Toby Keith fan, you understand what FUDC means!! I bought a Toby Keith shirt, can't resist it! As usual, Toby was very patriotic and let everyone know how he feels, he ended with Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue and then American Soldier, it was great. I LOVE YOU TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toby's newest movie Beer For My Horses
Montgomery Gentry was one of the opening acts

Toby and Rodney Carrington (had to be there, it was a funny clip!)

Video from As Good As I Once Was

Once I figure out how to post video clips I will add a few!

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