Saturday, July 7, 2012

Father's Day

I had to put a bandaid on her toe that was bruised because every time she looked at it she would get upset and start crying about her "toe".  It's now been a couple of weeks and she still gets teary eyed when you mention her toe :(  I've tried painting over the nail, but the bruise is so dark, the polish won't cover it.
Pillowcases, Buc-ee, and HopHop~she is ready to go!
Both girls love to do puzzles
Yes, that's an Oxi Clean container, but it's been washed and is now used as Kylie's bucket for her puzzle pieces.
Opening the card from Kylie
Group hug!
She officially fell in love with ice cream on Father's Day.  She LOVES it!  She  was only eating it with her fingers, but has now started switching back and forth between her fingers and a spoon.  She loves it so much and yet is satisfied with just a small amount, a small spoonful is all that she eats at a time!

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