Saturday, July 7, 2012

Newest thing...

Kylie's newest thing is telling us something is broke.  She loves Doc McStuffins so I'm sure she originally got that from her.  Then on the 4th, she saw her cousin who has a broken collarbone and her arm in a sling.  That day Kylie started telling me her arm was broke and wanting me to kiss it.  Since then, she has broken both elbows and her knee, luckily kisses from mommy and daddy have made it all better!  Watching her limp to daddy on her broken knee was really funny.  She gets so serious and gets a really concerned look on her face, but as soon as we kiss it, then it's magically better.

Yesterday, she was watching Doc McStuffins and it's the episode where the xylophone is broke, Kylie grabbed her own xylophone and then told me it was broke.  I fixed it for her.  Later, when her daddy came home she turned it upside down and told him it was broke.  Luckily, Daddy was smart enough to fix it for her :)  

She is using her imagination so much lately.  I can't wait to see what her next newest thing will be!

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