Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This bookshelf is going upstairs, but until we get it moved the rest of the way up, Kylie is really enjoying  playing with it.  When I go grocery shopping, she takes the groceries out of the bag and puts them on the shelf.
Ready to go for a ride!
Stopping to smell the flowers


Skye said...

SHe's such a happy little girl! Always smiling and you can tell by her look that she is just having a fun time always. We have a similar little tikes bike... but its pink with a princess on it - we were lucky that someone gave it us as a hand-me-down and I think Julianna is ready to start riding it at the park... soon... she doesn't quite get the pedals yet.

Alicia said...

She can finally reach the pedals, but she doesn't quite know what to do with them yet! She loves for us to push her though, I'm hoping this Fall when the weather gets cooler we will be able to practice pedaling and maybe she will get the hang of it.