Friday, July 6, 2012


Kylie has always been a little unsure and sometimes pretty scared of fireworks and where we live we hear them a lot!  For the 4th of July, they started shooting them off almost 2 weeks before the holiday even.  On the 4th, Chad decided to take Kylie out to see some of the booms.  We sat on the sidewalk at the corner by our house and had a great view in 4 directions of fireworks and lots in the distance also.  Kylie loved it, clapping, cheering, and making noises the whole time.  The last two nights she has been in tears wanting to go "out door" to see the "booms".  Chad has taken her out to show her that there aren't any booms, but once we're inside she's back asking about them again.  I can't believe that she went from being scared to being in love with fireworks all within a few days!
Damage from Tornado Kylie
She was so excited to get a "bloon" from Red Robin! Plus, she loves their grilled cheese, even passed up the fries to eat the sandwich!
She looks so sad, but she wasn't, she was just refusing to smile when I would tell her to.
Wearing earrings :)

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