Friday, January 27, 2012


Various pictures that I like :)
Happy Girl!
her favorite outfit lately....
sitting in the kitchen, reading books
love this look, she was serious about her book!
open up and give me some milk
loves cars
cooking pie and a chipmunk on the stove....
getting herself a drink
room full of toys!


Skye said...

I love Kylie's leopard outfit! Wel, i just love all animal prints! LOL ANd I love her playroom - I am quite jealous :) I wish I had a dedicated are for Julianna to play! :) Kylie looks like she's having fun!

Alicia said...

That outfit came from Wal-Mart! Kylie's playroom is our breakfast area off the kitchen. We moved our table into the formal dining room (which we weren't using) and then made the other room into a playroom. I love it, though she still has her toys all over the place, it's nice to have a place to store them and when I'm in the kitchen cooking, she can be right by me playing.