Friday, May 31, 2013

Sesame Place~Part 2

Breakfast was over and time for rides!  This was Kylie's first time to go to an amusement park and she was excited about getting to go on rides.  
I had read a lot of reviews/tips about Sesame Place and the biggest complaint seemed to be the crowds and long lines.  We decided to go before school was out and during the week, hoping that it wouldn't be too busy.  Even better, it was a cloudy day with a good chance of rain, so I think that kept a lot of people away.  It rained on us twice for maybe 5 or 10 minutes each time, we didn't mind at all, it was a good excuse to sit down and take a little break.  There were no lines at all.  Most of the water rides weren't open, but we weren't planning on riding those, so that didn't matter either.
This ride we weren't sure that she would like it, but after watching it a few minutes, she insisted she wanted to ride.  As soon as it started moving, she started laughing hysterically, it was so funny.  She loved it and that's when we realized we have a little daredevil!  We rode this ride several times.

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